This is Where We Live

State Theatre Company of South Australia and HotHouse Theatre Company
Director: Jon Halpin
Writer: Vivienne Walshe

This is where We Live belongs in the education arm of State Theatre Company of South Australia. This work is pitched to young audiences and is designed to tour to South Australia's country venues.

'Brought up on the wrong side of the tracks with an unrelenting limp, Chloe has had to develop a vicious outer-shell to shield against daily bullying. Moving to a new town in the middle of nowhere hasn’t made things easier.

Chloe has bleak hopes for her future until she meets ‘Odd Boy’ Chris, the painfully unpopular son of her new English teacher. An intense bond is forged and the two outsiders begin to see the glimmer of new possibilities amidst their smalltown underworld.

Evoking the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, Vivienne Walshe’s This is Where We Live is packed with vivid poetic language that is brimming with as much life and energy as its characters. Winner of the 2012 Griffin Award, this is an exceptional piece of brave and exciting new Australian writing.
photos: Tiffany Phillis