The Unexpected Man

Holden street theatre
director: Michael Hill
writer: Yasmina Reza

Two strangers sit in a train compartment opposite each other contemplating their lives.

The train carriage is represented from three different perspectives with the audience in traverse. The carriage windows are sheer to one side of the audience and reflective to the other. A central seat pivots to alter the perspective of the couple throughout the trip.


Morag Cook’s set is stunning in its simplicity. Cook uses two see-through, mirror-sided panes of glass of each side of the stage, creating a train compartment enabling the audience to see the actors clearly, as well as their reflections
Review by Stephanie Johnson-

'The Unexpected Man' got four stars - one for designer Morag Cook who put the show on the rails,
‘Morag Cook uses a pivoting rail seat to honour the audience with multiple perspectives of the action - simulating film’
David Grybowski db mag