The Sad Ballad of Penny Dreadful

Windmill performing arts and mainstreet theatre company
director: david ryding
writer: sean riley


A sweet tale about a Sweet Little girl..........Not!
The Sad Ballad of Penny Dreadful is a gothic "tall" story - a macabre cautionary tale inspired by the works of Hillaire Belloc. The show was high spirited, side splitting, laugh-a-minute, hammer-horror promenade for kids and their families.
The performers promenaded throught the beautiful Carrick hill grounds. They played a myriad of different characters all with their central character underneath.


Annabel Giles and Rory Walker are wonderful in multiple quick change roles, made possible by Morag Cook's inventive costume design. Rather like three-dimensional paper doll cut-out clothing, the costumes are comical, quirky and clever.
Messenger, Sue Oldknow