The dumb waiter

State Theatre Company of South Australia
Director: Geordie Brookman
Writer: Harold Pinter

Investigating the darker side of humanity and the Pointlessness of power and the games people play to keep it.

Twins playing the two hit men presented us with the idea of a mirrored space.The tour had a three-hour bumpin to South Australian venues and had to pack down into a three-ton truck. There is a ‘dumb waiter’ in the wall that needed to have objects placed inside and slid into position. This required a stage manager to be in the set the whole time, as we did not have any masking available to us in the venues. A small antechamber was created to house the Stage Manager
photos: Shane Reid


following the geometric symmetry of Morag Cook's suitably shabby horizontal box set - two doors, two beds, the dumb waiter like a shrine in the centre - director Geordie Brookman has cast identical twins David and Brendan Rock to mirror the ambiguity of power and purpose in the text.
Murray Bramwell | May 29, 2009 the Australian

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