Jarrahdale Community Collective
The first phase of a food share
The Share Shed concept design
The Jarrahdale Repair Cafe Event
A new home for the Grow Free
A community 'not for profit' asked for the design of a strategy to engage the broader community in Jarrahdale.

Brief: to design a community engagement program through volunteering using creative experiences.
The problem:  This semi-rural community lacked the physical infrastructure required to support community engagement and connectivity essential for the well-being and development of human capital in the area.

Step one: Research was undertaken, both quantitative and qualitative, through statistical data and stakeholder engagement.
Step two: Clarifying the problem. In this case, a lack of public meeting spaces in the town other than local businesses.
Step three: Designing a strategy
Step four: Present the strategy to the members of the JCC to develop stakeholder buy-in and facilitate ownership necessary for the sustainability of the projects. The concepts were approved by all members.
Step Five: Creative solutions and outcomes. Food share  (Grow Free) which developed into a permanent structure called the ‘Share shed, a community Repair café, and the facilitation of a makers/craft group. These activities earmarked a disused local government venue as the  ‘heart’ to activate the shared community space which would facilitate further community interaction.

Sustainable outcome: The Share shed is a great success, and other organisations have replicated the concept. The users of the shed continue to grow in numbers. The maker's group continues to meet weekly and is currently is self-sustaining no longer needing facilitation. The venue is seen as a hub for social interaction and the local shire is supportive of the activities in the venue.
The local makers group.