Unley City Council,
and Matthew Ives (Cultural Development Coordinator)

'Found, Out' was an invitation to the Unley community to physically interact with the environment.

Focussing on natural textures and materials of the area, the community engaged with the space and each other and importantly, the council.

The workshops utilised natural objects in the parks for printing textures in clay, as tools or as objects themselves.

Professional artists assisted communities to reconnect with nature in their urban environment and create ephemeral sculptural art works.
"I do not have enough or the right words to summarise how we all feel at Council about the Found, out project.
It was so well thought through and beautifully delivered.
......... The interaction with the community was amazing and the legacy of this work will resonate for a long time. Positive, intimate, perceptive, inclusive , welcoming, creative community engagement.
All the feedback has been so positive. ...............
My special thanks to the inspirational Morag Cook whose project management skills are …well, awesome is not too strong a word.

Thanks on behalf of the Unley community."
Matthew Ives, Unly City Council, Cultural Development Coordinator
Images: Ben Searcy