constance drink water and the final days of somerset

Darwin Theatre Company
Director: Merilee Mills
Writer: Stephen Carleton

It is 1899 and only the resolve of Lady Constance Drinkwater has kept the Far North Queensland settlement of Somerset from crumbling. Beset by storms, ill-luck and a mysterious disease that has killed all but two of Constance's children, it is the arrival of strangers - anthropologist Professor Cornelius Crabbe and his companion, Mr Hop Lee - that sets in motion the final catastrophic days of Somerset.


“Morag Cook’s curiously trapezoid set is fascinating; it gives an impression of colonial Victoriana without actually reproducing all the clutter”
review by Glyn Davies

The mix of modern and Victorian architecture onstage adds to the significance of the significance of the story in modern society, showing what are now considered to be 19th century notions of cultural superiority echoed in 21st century life
Cairns Sun sep 07