by morag cook on August 17th, 2020

As I develop sociological ways of looking at local problems, I find 'think global, act local' to be an important mantra. The implementation of the 'grow free' model was aimed at creating connection in my disparate community. A year later and the grow free continues to connect my local community in a self sustaining manner in Jarrahdale. The share shed, previously discussed in this blog, acts as the 'heart' where people continue to contribute produce in this 'shared economy' where waste becomes a socially connective tool. The result is happy people who are proud of their town and community.
These were the original trolleys. They were unsustainable due to our town lacking in a central business who could look after them. The solution was to construct the 'share shed' which was more secure and permanent. Now the shed is always open. Local people manage the shed on a volunteer basis.

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