Future Gardens: Investigating New Media.
by morag cook on January 22nd, 2013

At the 'Come Out Festival' we are in the process of creating a Come Out Festival Future Gardens Blog.
This year’s brief is for participants to create 'garden plots' from junk, then collectively present them as an exhibition at theFestival Centre during the Come Out Festival 2013.
In order for this to be successful, we would like content from the participants as they move through their creative process and in-keeping with my interest in audience engagement, we have created a 'blog'. This way I  can keep in touch with the 1500 young people who will be contributing to the Future Gardens exhibition.
I’m very excited about the possibilities for this media’s contribution to the  production of content and the active engagement it offers with Come Out Festival's participants.
I’ve been using Imovie to create online 'Workshop's and am looking forward to the beautiful  'Gardens' we hope they inspire for the Festival.

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