Balloon Animated Thinking
by morag cook on November 23rd, 2012

Playing with Patch at the moment has opened up a whole new quest for understanding of some of the technologies available for more expansive audience engagement. We are playing with the notion of the creation of content in easy and cheap forms from various participation sources. How easy is it to contribute animations you build your self as a young person into the actual performance and where, conceptually, we make it fit into the work. 

The work, with its simple elemental object such as a white balloon and a black space, has generated a whole universe of responses. The Balloon acts as an instigator, initiator, prime mover, motivator,architect, designer, planner, inventor, mastermind, originator,author, creator, agent; founder, pioneer, founding father; agitator,fomenter, troublemaker, ringleader, rabble-rouser.

So it generates in me the need to play with apps on my ipad to create animations. I would love to find an app that has very simple use and elemental tools that everyone could use... including a 4 yr old to make their own stories. 
Ive included my little animations here and some other peoples' work that I love.

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