Beautiful Come Out Festival Images
by morag cook on September 25th, 2012

These images come from Da Morto A Orto by Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace.

Heres what they had to say about the work.....
“Da morto a orto” isn’t just a collection of one-off pieces; it is a critical, ironic reinterpretation of everyday objects that we no longer recognise or that are on their last legs: objects and furniture around the house that are destined to disappear, to be “destroyed”, are here resuscitated with a new look.
They’re reprocessed, patched up, hybridized and transformed before being grafted with plants, thus becoming “indoor kitchen gardens”, domestic classrooms for a “(horti)cultural education” offering lessons on how to cultivate the land and one’s feelings too.

The project is intended to be the first step in a series of initiatives designed for Milan, in which culture and horticulture are blended together to create “cultivation seasons” during which people can develop and explore issues related to the education and conservation of the individual, the home, the city and the planet.

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