More work on the back wall 'screen'
by morag cook on August 3rd, 2012

Focussing now on the back wall.
The cylinders, however, will be clad in black coreflute which responds beautifully to light and projection. Its the perfect surface, which under light is very 'present' and interesting, but when not lit, allows for the cylinders to disappear into the black world of the theatre.
This is import to the work. The notion that something can be present in our space but its not until we draw our attention to it that we become aware. The cylinders will be there the whole time, but the audience will only experience them when we want them to. 
This is an exploration for us into the idea of 'reveal and conceal'. 

The back wall becomes very important not only because it is in our direct line of vision, but because it will capture the light and projection in way that will make the space more 'alive'. These objects will be in the black coreflute but at two hanging depths to create more interest. They are all the same pattern which should allow us to laser cut all six of them at the same time. The dimensions of these objects have been dictated by the truck pack. They will need to be constructed into the 'wall' configuration and then hung in the venue. This will need some tricky rigging to make it easy for our theatre techs in the venue. 

I have shown the objects here in different shades of grey for ease of understanding in this drawing.

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